Froth Denton Fundraising Details

Choose a KEYWORD for your event: If you are fundraising for dogs, you may want to use DOGS as your fundraising word. When your supporters come to Froth, they are asked to say the keyword. This triggers the barista to ring the transaction under your fundraiser so that we can track your sales. Your percentage is paid out only on the sales that register the keyword.

Event Date and Time: Determine a suitable date and time for the fundraiser at Froth Coffee Bar. We try to host fundraisers on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

What is Your Fundraising Purpose: Clearly define the purpose of the fundraiser, whether it’s to support a specific cause, raise funds for a local charity, or any other noble intention.

Promotion: Please plan a comprehensive promotional strategy to spread the word about your fundraiser. Utilize various channels such as social media, local community boards, flyers, word of mouth, and partnerships with other local businesses or organizations. In exchange for your efforts, Froth Coffee & Dessert Bar Denton, LLC will give 25% of gross sales, generated by the traffic you drive to the store, using the unique keyword. You agree to post the event on your social media pages leading up to the event as well as after the event, letting people know that Froth participated in your fundraising event. 

Entertainment and Activities: Consider incorporating entertainment or activities to make the fundraiser more engaging and enjoyable for attendees. 

Food and Beverages: Coordinate with Froth Coffee Bar to offer a special menu item. Consider creating a signature drinks or food items specifically tailored for the event to draw more attendees.

Fundraising Goal: Set a realistic fundraising goal that aligns with the purpose of the event. This will help motivate the organizers, volunteers, and attendees to work together towards a specific target. Good luck and feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Terms: You are responsible for getting supporters/followers to Froth Coffee Bar. We will post on our Instagram page about the event a couple of days prior.  Please provide a photo/post you’d like us to share on social media. All art work must be approved by Froth prior to being published. All promotional artwork must use the Froth logo, which is at the bottom of this page. All promotions must include the following “FINE PRINT”: Fundraising benefits may not be combined with other promotions, coupons, offers, or discounts. 

Only sales that you bring to Froth count towards the fundraiser, which is why the keyword is so important for your supporters to mention at the time of the sale. 

Froth Logos. Right click the one that works best for your promotional artwork.